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So, your setting has gone to hell. Your players are scrounging for shelter from monsters, cannibals, and rival survivors. This asset pack allows you to set up meager defenses and vulnerable settlements for your players to attack or defend. Nothing is safe in the post-apocalypse. This set includes 50+ streamlined assets and two battered maps made from included items, one outdoors and one indoors. 

Map Asset Pack: Post Apocalypse


Hi, my name is Reese. I made all these toys. I hope you like them. If you experience technical difficulties, download issues or have questions about products, contact customer service (which is me) at All digital sales are final. For physical products, cancel for any reason within 3 business days. If you experience delivery issues, contact customer service ( All items are copyrighted, etc etc, blah blah, but if you make some cool map with my assets, post it let me know. I want to see.